Why do I run?

It’s not a question I ask myself very often, because I miss running so badly when I’m injured that I know I want to do it. But my motivation has changed over time and given the commitment involved in running longer distances I have been thinking carefully about what I want to get from runningContinue reading “Why do I run?”

Coast to Coast: in Wainwright’s footsteps (but he’s turning in his grave)

Women lack genuine enthusiasm, are intellectually inferior and if prone to nagging should be left to wait at Sty Head Tarn whilst you climb Great Gable in peace. I’m paraphrasing slightly, but that’s a fairly accurate summary of the views of the late-great-but-definitely-very-misogynistic Alfred Wainwright. He also believed in savouring the hills, not running throughContinue reading “Coast to Coast: in Wainwright’s footsteps (but he’s turning in his grave)”

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